Bed Buddies


Make one or make a bunch of these cute and snugggly Bed Buddies. You can make these for your child's room or let them make their own Monster buddy or Princess Bunny buddy. Kids pillows to make.

Items needed: 

  • Pillowcase
  • Fabric Markers
  • Soft cotton cording or heavy cotton string
  • Fabric glue
  • Iron
  • Polyfill stuffing -1 bag per "buddy"


  1. Wash and iron pillowcase.
  2. Insert a piece of cardboard or something similar into the pillowcase so that the markers will not bleed through.
  3. Using fabric markers, first draw the inside area of the ears (corners of pillowcase at seam) and then color area in.
  4. Draw eyes of animal or monster about 8-9 inches from the top of the pillowcase.
  5. Finish drawing the remainder of the face and color as desired.  This is all a matter of preference.  Your child may want to draw everything by himself.  Just try to give a little guidance. 
  6. Let colored areas dry.  When dry, turn pillowcase inside out.  Insert cardboard again and iron the marker area so that the heat can set the colors.
  7. Turn pillowcase rightside out and then stuff ears.  Tie off ears with a piece of cording/string and know well at back.  Leave a short tail of string at both ends.  Dab glue on knot to keep from coming undone.  Let dry.
  8. Stuff your Bed Buddy and tie off neck with a length of cording/string.  Knot well in back, also leaving a short tail of string at both ends.  Dab with glue.  Let glue dry on knots before trimming ends.   
  9. OPTIONS:  A.  Instead of tying off neck, you may opt to trim excess material and stitch bottom of Bed Buddy.     
  10.                     B.  If your child would like arms and/or legs for their Bed Buddy, use 1 inch heavy cotton piping/cording to  make arms and legs.  Stitch into place.