Fun Toucan Sandwich to Make


Get some smiles when you plop down this fun Toucan sandwich for lunch ... or let the kids make their own.

Items needed: 

  • 2 slices whole wheat bread
  • Red pepper
  • Yellow pepper
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber slice, small
  • Sandwich filling


To make the Toucan sandwich body, layer both pieces of bread and cut out a large pear shape with a little tail to the right.  Now make a “V” shaped notch on the left top, which will accommodate the beak.  Add sandwich filling and set in middle of the plate.

From a red pepper slice, cut a long curved beak for the upper half of the toucan beak.  Use yellow pepper to cut the lower beak and the feathered wings.  Cut out legs from a carrot slice, utilizing “v” cuts.  Make the eye with a small cucumber slice, adding a snippet of carrot for the inner eye.  Use a few cucumber slices cut into half for the finishing touch.