Giraffe Toy to Make


Make this fun set of toy animals for hours of fun and creative play for the kids.


Make a group of jungle animals for kids to play with.  Make a whole herd of colorful zoo or jungle animals for the kids.  Add the stands so animals can be moved around in play. This is an easy DIY craft project for kids.

Items needed: 

  • Foam Sheets, 1/4 in.
  • Foam Sheets, thin
  • Scissors
  • Black marker



  1. Print templates for Giraffe and cut out.
  2. Trace body onto thick foam and cut out.
  3. Cut out foam spots for the giraffe and glue on or use sticky back foam.  You can also just draw the spots.
  4. Trace ears and stands on thin foam sheet and cut out.
  5. Make slits in body of Giraffe for ears and stands.
  6. Instert ears and stands.