Jointed Paper Giraffe


Make a Zoo full of animals to play with or turn into marionettes. This Giraffe is easy to make and fun to play with.

Items needed: 

  • Heavyweight Paper or Cardboard  (we recycled old file folders)
  • Optional: Paint/ brush
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Push Pin  (to make holes)
  • Glue for eye


  1. Print Pattern and cut out pattern pieces.
  2. Trace pattern pieces onto heavy paper or cardboard.  Cut out.  (If you have chosen to use a non-color paper, you will probably want to paint the pieces before tracing and cutting)
  3. Bend off 2 1/2 " pieces of pipe cleaner, one for each joint.  Starting with the end of each pipe cleaner piece, twist into a small, tight coil, using up half of the piece.  This will ensure that no sharp ends are protruding.  Now, bend the coil over to form a right angle.  It is now ready to insert into a joint.
  4. Using the Push Pin, and holding two pieces of the Giraffe together to be attached where you want it jointed, push the pin in to make a hole.  Go through both pieces, wiggling the pin around a little to make a larger hole.
  5. Insert the straight end of the pipe cleaner coil into the hole of the joint.  Now, twist a coil on the back side, so that the joint is fairly snug.  You want the legs, head etc. to be moveable, but not too loose.
  6. Attach all pieces in this manner.
  7. Cut any eye from a plain piece of white paper or card stock.  Make a small black circle with marker or pen and then glue this into place.