LoveBug Valentine Holder for Kids to Make


Kids will love making this fun Valentine's Day project. This little Love Bug has a pocket that will store all of their Valentine cards.

Items needed: 

  • Red and black poster board
  • Pre-cut letters and shapes
  • Poster Markers
  • Glitter Glue
  • Scissors
  • Large red pom-poms (2)
  • Black and red pipe cleaners
  • Glue


  1. Draw a large circle on black poster board by tracing a circular household item such as a large bowl.
  2. Cut out this circle and trace it onto red poster board. Cut out the red circle.
  3. Cut a smaller circle out of black poster board. Glue this circle to the larger black circle to create your bug’s body.
  4. Lay the red circle on top of the large black circle and attach the two pieces together on the sides ¾ of the way around, leaving an opening at the top. This will form a pocket.
  5. Draw a line down the center of your bug and go over it with a marker.
  6. Cut a triangle shape out of black poster board and glue it to the bottom of your bug.
  7. Glue pre-cut letters and shapes to your bug to make it unique. Then, accent them with glitter glue around the edges.
  8. Finally, add red pipe cleaners to your bug to make legs and black pipe cleaners with red pom-poms to make antennae.

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