Mini Boxes to Decorate from Recyled Tins


Make some fun little boxes that the kids can keep all their tiny treasures in. We used some discarded mint tins and other little boxes with lids. Assorted sizes of templates to print on sticker paper. Great little gift for the kids to make.

Items needed: 

  • Small box or tin
  • Sticky back foam or printable sticker paper
  • Markers
  • Fun stamps
  • Stickers


  1. Print templates on plain paper if you will be making a foam lid cover.
  2. Then cut out size-appropriate template and trace onto foam.
  3. Cut and fit to lid.
  4. If using a paper lid to decorate, print directly onto printable sticker paper and then attach to box lid.
  5. Decorate box top with colored markers, stamps or stickers.