Partridge in Pear Tree salad


Easy to make and fun to serve ... a Partridge in a Pear Tree salad for the Holidays. Kids can help with this fun food preparation.

Items needed: 

  • Green Pear
  • Celery sticks
  • Red Apple
  • Carrot slice
  • Coconut (optional)
  • JuJubee Candies


  1. Cut a slice of pear from one side of the pear and then trim off lengthwise edges to form a tree trunk.
  2. Leave peel on.
  3. From a slice of the apple, with peel, cut a pot for the tree.
  4. Celery stick should be cut into thin strips, making an angled end cut so tree "branches" fit flush with the trunk.
  5. Use a carrot slice to make a small bird that will top the tree.
  6. Assemble each tree on a plate, using either carrot "ornaments" or little colored JuJubee candies.
  7. If using coconut, sprinkle along the bottom edge of the plate for "snow".