Recycled Reindeer Project


Make this little Reindeer for a fun recycling project. Turn some ordinary things into this cute Reindeer decoration. Can even use as a Bank. Easy Christmas craft.

Items needed: 

  • 4 Corks  (or other suitable items for legs)
  • Empty plastic bottle  (we used a Vitamin bottle)
  • Paint & brush
  • Foam for Antlers & Ears
  • Pom-pom for Nose
  • Foam /felt /or wiggly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Glue


  1. Paint  corks and bottle and let dry.
  2. Cut out pattern for ears and antlers and then trace onto foam.  Cut out.  Make eyes.
  3. Using glue gun (this step should be done by an adult), attach legs to the body and let cool.
  4. Glue Nose and  Eyes in place.  Let dry.  Attach antlers and ears.
  5. Decorate with ribbon & Jingle bell or a glittery pipe cleaner & bell, if desired.

*  This can double as a little bank, just by removing head ... of course.