School Bus Project from Recycled Items


How fun! Get ready for the beginning of school by letting the kids make this cute School Bus. Made from a recycled box and some foam, it's easy for kids to make.

Items needed: 

  • Long thin box (pie crust box or Spaghetti box works well)
  • Thick craft Foam or cardboard  (for wheels)
  • Sticky-back foam or Construction paper (for windows)
  • 1" Round Head Fasteners  (or wheels can be glued  to be stationary)
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Paint / brush


  1. After choosing a long thin box, draw the shape of the front of the bus so that the windshield and hood of the bus are slightly curved.  Refer to the photo for the shape.
  2. Using scissors, cutboth sides of the box to match this shape. 
  3. Use masking tape to tape across the open area you have just cut from.  You can also cut a piece of the discarded box to fit across this area and then use the tape to secure.  Bus will be sturdier if you do this.
  4. Do not tape the back end of the box (bus back) together until the bus is completed, as you will have to reach inside the box to attach the wheels.
  5. Paint bus and let dry.
  6. Using something like a milk container bottle cap,  trace 4 wheels onto the thick foam or cardboard.  Cut out.  Make a hole in the center of each wheel, using scissors carefully.  Also make 4 holes in the box where the wheels will be attached.
  7. Insert a fastener into each wheel and then attach to the bus, securing fasteners from the inside of the box.
  8. Glue box end shut and let dry.
  9. From sticky back foam, cut out windows, headlights and stripes for bus.  Remove backing and apply.
  10. Your School Bus is ready to roll!