Spooky Halloween Ghosts for Outdoor Halloween Fun


These spooky Halloween ghosts are fun and inexpensive to make. Kids will have fun making ghosts from white kitchen trash bags and other recycled things. Easy kids craft.

Items needed: 

  • White plastic kitchen size trash bags
  • Newspaper or discarded plastic bags
  • Paper towels
  • String
  • Black marker or sticky-back foam for making eyes
  • Scissors


  1. Cut off the colored strip that is at the open end of the bag.
  2. Make a compressed ball from newspaper or old plastic bags.
  3. Cover with a piece or two of paper towel.
  4. Insert head into top of trash bag and secure at neck with a piece of string.
  5. Make eyes and then hang in a spooky place.
  6. Ghosts will work great outdoors in a tree.

We used a safety pin at back, top of ghost head (going through a bit of paper) and strung our string through the pin for hanging the ghost.