10 Tips for Safe Halloween Night Trick or Treating

Regardless of it's origin, Halloween is one of the most favorite holidays that kids and parents look forward to. Choosing, or making, a costume is one of the most exciting things about Halloween night.   Decorating Spooky places and eating candy corn are two signs that Halloween is approaching.  Witches, ghosts and pumpkin-carving fun rounds out the experience.

But regardless of all the fun to be had, parents need to focus on the safety aspects also.  To ensure your child has a Safe and Happy Halloween, here are a few Tips.

  • Make sure Costumes are the proper length so that your children are not tripping over their capes, pant legs or dresses, avoiding an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.
  • If a Mask will be worn, make certain the mask fits well and that your child can see well and breathe well.  Consider using nontoxic face paint instead of a face-covering mask.  Perhaps your child can pull the mask down between "trick or treat" stops.
  • Take advantage of Reflective tape or Glow in the Dark accessories so that your child will be visible in the dark.  We especially like the many choices of glow sticks.
  • Check Trick or Treat time schedule for your city or county.  Times and days for this activity vary greatly.
  • Remind your kids to only go up to Houses that are Well Lit.  If there are no lights on they should skip those houses completely.
  • Make a No Eating candy rule until candy has been inspected at home.  Unwrapped candies and foods should be discarded.
  • Have a rule that kids don't eat any candy before returning home unless you have given the okay.
  • If your child is old enough to go around without a parent, stress the importance of staying, at all times, with their group of friends.  Go over the route they will travel while trick or treating and explain that you do not want them deviating.
  • Consider a Halloween Candy Buy Back site that features dentists and other organizations that will buy the candy and give to others. 
  • Halloween is a good time to stress good dental hygiene and extra brushing after eating candy.