6 Tips for Taking Kids Photos for Family Framing

Nothing is more cherished than a favorite photo of your children that is really worth framing.  Over the years, I have noticed a few things that make kids photos really exceptional.  Some of these photographs have been in black and white and some have been in color.  If you are trying for some great family photos, here are a few tips.

  • When shooting a CLOSEUP, try some shots that are really tight, even going primarily just for the face.  Try to get some candid expressions, as we all know, kids tend to over-exaggerate "smiles".
  • If doing a FAMILY SHOT, prepare ahead of time and try to dress in shades of a similar color ... this allows more focus on the actual people in the photo.  White clothing is something to consider, as it lends a classic look to an otherwise normal photograph.
  • Consider the BACKGROUND ... taking a photo of your child or family in a natural setting outdoors, possibly with trees and greenery or a beach shot, is less distracting phot-wise than taking an indoor shot, where you have to maneuver around furniture, doorways and other home decor.
  • Take LOTS of SHOTS ... try to take as many as possible as long as your subjects don't revolt!
  • EXPRESSIONS.  Many times the best photos are when the family or child is looking more serious or pensive, or has a slight smile.  Full blown smiles are great if you can get a natural looking smile.
  • BE PREPARED as you never know when that great shot will avail itself.  with today's small digital cameras, it's quite easy to just drop that camera into your packet or bag.

Best of all, have fun photographing your family and do consider framing those "special" shots.  They are memories for everyone and today, with all the digital photos on computers, many are not framed or even seen by other family members.