Archery Interest Rises for Females and Kids Since Hunger Games

Unbeknowst to us, and before the movie Hunger Games was released, we introduced the kids and grandkids to archery this summer.  My husband is a long time archer and he usually practices in the backyard.  When the grandkids come to visit, some of them have asked to shoot the bow.  Then, during Christmas vacation, we got a kids's bow that is easier for them to handle.  Both the girls and the boys loved shooting, even the five year old.

Now that the movie has surfaced, there appears to be extreme interest in the sport of archery.  Ever since the movie trailers for Hunger Games started showing up,  introducing the film's arrow-slinging heroine, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence), more young women have started showing up at archery ranges than ever before.  Apparently there is even a 20 % increase of sales for archery equipment.  Although I haven't seen the movie, I understand that the heroine makes shooting a bow look quite awesome.  However, I've heard that, in the movie, Katniss is involved in death matches with other teenagers.  Here's where parents need to step in and use this as a teaching time, explaining the real purpose of the sport.

Since archery is one of the summer Olympic games, I would guess that the sport will thrive for some time now.  Did you know that Khatuna Lorig, Olympic archer, trained Lawrence for her role in Hunger Games?   With good instruction, both girls and boys can learn to be good archers.  Archery is a wonderful sport that requires good concentration, a good eye and a steady hand.