Best Back to School Backpacks


kids backpacks

Backpacks are an essential back to school supply.  Although kids usually have one from the previous year, it may already have seen a lot of wear.  Even if it hasn't, most kids want a new backpack ... it's sort of a rite of passage each year when staring school.

We've searched the internet and found the best backpacks for kids.  These are our own personal choices and we've found some great options for the kids.  Many schools start back the day after Labor Day, but some of the kids and teachers, across the country, have already started in early August.  Summer vacation just doesn't seem long enough any more.

Zoo Backpacks from SkipHop, $20.  16 animal backpacks to choose from, including a Monkey, Owl, Puppy, Dinosaur, Penguin and more.  fun and colorful backpacks for preschool and kindergarten children.

Robot Backpack from children's Place. $19.  This mini backpack comes in 4 styles ... Robot, Puppy, Monster or Shark.  Perfect for the preschool kids.

monster backpack

Hungry Monster Backpack from SugarBooger, $14.  Fun and colorful, these little monsters will appeal to most little boys.  A fun and simple starter backpack.

girls backpack

Funky Dot Backpack from Garnet Hill, $45.  A fun and colorful selection of backpacks the girls will love.  6 different styles to choose from.

Dinosaur Backpack from Hatley Boys, $39.  Perfect for Dinosaur lovers of any age. 

Nerf Backpack from Rover Mall, $22.  This fun backpack titled Target Practice comes in a trendy lime and black.

Pink Giraffe Backpack from Wildkin, $37.  This is a serious backpack with lots of pockets that the girls will adore.  We love the pink giraffe design, so will the girls.

Motorcycle Backpack from O3, $28.  A great boy's backpack with an integrated cooler in the front section, so no need for an extra lunch bag.

Purple Backpack from High Sierra, $30.  MP3 player pocket with headphone port, this multi-pocket backpack will appeal to both boys and girls.