Best Online Educational Games for Preschool Children


There are quite a few great kids websites featuring preschool stories and games.  Many of the sites pertain to tv characters and are simple matching games or puzzles.

Here on ZiggityZoom, we feature fun games that are simple enough for children to play by themselves.  The most favorite preschool game on our kids website is called Feed the Monster.  Kids get to choose what item of food they want to feed the Monster next, while the little Monster mumbles "yummy" as he eats.  Kids laugh while they play this game and they keep coming back for more.

One of our newest kids games is called Bubble Catch.  Kids get to control Bubble the dinosaur, making her run back and forth with her net, as she tries to pop the bubbles. This is a great hand to eye coordination game for young kids.

Preschool kids really enjoy dressup games and one of the favorites here on ZiggityZoom is the Princess Dressup game. Another fun game both boys and girls enjoy is the Princess & Knight virtual world, where kids get to make the dragon get smaller, then larger.  They can also go inside the castle and through the tunnel.  It is a simple version of a virtual world like Club Penguin. Additional playworld screens will enable children to visit Pirateland, Mermaid Island the Princessland.

Most of our online games for kids are educational games for preschoolers.  A favorite game for number recognition is called Beep Beep.  In this game, kids get to choose their own car and sort of remote control it around the screen, driving to the numbers announced in the game.  There is a reward at the very end.

Beep Beep preschool game

Games designed by Sharon Pierce McCullough for ZiggityZoom.  (copyright 2008, all rights reserved.)