Best Online Interactive PreSchool Games for Young Kids


It is so amazing to watch kids as young as two years old play on an iphone or their parents computer.  Really.  It's a mind boggler.  Kids play games at such young ages these days and they already get the concept.  I watched a child that is just a little over two recently and she was whipping through an iphone app for kids like she was a tech pro.  She turned it on by herself and flicked the first two screens across til she found the app she wanted ... clicked on it and away she went.  Incredible.

Kids like to imitate parents and parents spend a lot of time on their computers these days.  And why not let the kids play too?  Young kids get the benefit of learning good hand to eye coordination with many kids online games.  They learn mouse control and get a head start on computer operations.

So, what are some of our favorite online games for Preschoolers?  And favorites with the kids?

Feed the Monster  This is a fun game where kids drag the items of food over to the cute little Monster to eat.  He says "Yum, yum, yum" as he eats and then begs for "more food" when you're finished.  Lots of smiles and laughs for this game.

Boowa & Kwala  Lots of games on this page to choose from from our friends Boowa & Kwala.

Hide n Seek Zoomer   One of the most favorite games for kids on  Kids have to look behind the Numbered doors to find Zoomer.  He is hiding in a different spot each time the kids play the game.

Monster Maker   Kids get to pick and choose which parts to use to make their own cute little Monster.  A drag and drop game that's easy for young kids.

online monster game

Posted by Sharon Pierce McCullough