Beware of Discounted Toys This Christmas Season as Manufacturers Dispose of Banned Plastics


Although Congress passed new laws that go into effect February 10, 2009, that make selling toys with chemicals called phthalates illegal, manufacturers are rushing to dispose of their current inventories.  So, unfortunately, buyers will have to be especially careful this holiday season when choosing toys for their children.  These toys are expected to be well discounted, making them even more attractive to unsuspecting buyers.

There are mixed views as to whether these chemicals are indeed harmful to children, but it should be noted that the European Union has banned the use of these chemicals in childrens products and toys since 2005.  Sadly, the United States is not as vigilant in this regard and the question remains as to how well the toys and children's products being produced and sold in the U.S. after February will be inspected.

There is, obviously, a lot to be said for purchasing wooden toys and toys made from materials other than plastic.

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