Birthday Cake Party Sandwich Recipe for A Perfect Birthday Lunch


This is a fun sandwich to serve for anyone’s birthday celebration.  You can make the layers from all white bread or use different types of bread to look like chocolate and vanilla layers.  And when it’s time to eat you might even want to light the candles!

For the Birthday Cake:

  • 6 slices thin white bread
  • 3 slices white cheese / or other filling
  • Zucchini for top garnish
  • Birthday candles

If you are making several of the birthday cake sandwiches, you will want to invest in a set of graduated cutters of varying sizes.  Ours are for cookies and they are crimped on the edges but it makes it much easier for cutting the bread sections. 

You will be cutting four different size mini-sandwiches.  For the two lower sections you will need 2 slices of bread each.  The two top sections can both be cut from just 2 slices of bread together.  The same goes for the cheese.

After cutting all pieces of your sandwich, assemble each bread section with the proper size piece of cheese.  Stack sections and finish with a tiny round of zucchini.  This can easily be cut with the end of a straw with a large opening.  Add candles.  

Sharon Pierce McCullough ... one of the FoodChics ... creating really "fun" foods!

Photography by Michael A McCullough