Celebrate New Year's Eve on A Budget


It is that time again to reflect on the year that has passed and to celebrate the coming of a new year.  New Year's Eve is a night of celebrating,  spending time with family or friends, traditions, or making the night a special occasion. For many it is a <strong>Night to Go Out and Celebrate, for others it is a night to Stay In with family, for others it is a night to Attend a Party.</strong>  No matter how you spend the evening, there are ways to cut your costs and save your money.

For those Going Out to a Restaurant, Bar, Club or Hotel Party

Forgo dinner and go out for drinks or for appetizers and drinks.  Eat at home first.  If you are meeting a group of friends out to celebrate, meet them after dinner is over.  You will save lots of money by skipping dinner and the extra time you would have to pay your sitter.

Avoid New Year's Eve parties that require Reservations or charge you to attend the party.
Instead find parties that are open to guests without charging a set fee or find one that only charges for the Champagne toast and New Year's Celebration, without dinner charges.
Another option is to go to dinner with friends and then celebrate New Year's at someone's house after wards.

For the many people that will celebrate New Year's Eve at Home with family or friends
If you will be spending the evening at home, you can still have a great celebration and spend next to nothing.
First, if you are having anyone over, invite them to come over after dinnertime, pick 7 or 8 and let them know you will have some light snacks.
You can also ask friends or family to bring an appetizer or dessert to share.

If you will be ringing in the New Year with your kids, make easy, quick New Year's Hats and Noise Makers and finger foods with them, with supplies from
around your house.  The activities add to the excitement and fun, and for little to no money you can have party paraphernalia.
Make Party Snacks with items you already have in your kitchen, make a bean dip, chicken balls, fruit or veggie skewers, festive cookies, and easy drinks or sparking cider (you can even add sparkling water to apple juice to make the Sparkling beverage.)
If you want to by party hats, horns and balloons, check out the Dollar Store.  Mylar balloons are only $1.00 and packs of hats and balloons for New Year's are also a $1.00.
Celebrating New Year's Eve at a Party
If you are planning to attend a party this New Year's Eve, you can save money on a sitter by having your sitter come later since you will be out until later.  Plan to attend the party later than it begins.
You can bring a dish to share or bottle of champagne (depending on what the invite noted)for a minimal amount of money.
If you will need to get a cab or ride home, line up a driver ahead of time (your spouse, a friend, or plan to share a cab with a friend that is attending the party and lives nearby to split the cost.
Enjoy your New Year's Eve, be safe and have fun!