DIY Halloween Monster Craft Project


Monsters.  Who doesn't think monsters at Halloween?  These adorable little monsters are perfect for Halloween decorating or for a Monster party. Kids will love helping to make their own. All you need are some discarded boxes and a little bit of paint.  It's that easy. Hang from the ceiling or set on the table. Make them scary or make them friendly.

What you Need:

  • Small boxes
  • Egg container
  • Heavy paper
  • Black Marker
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Scissors

What to Do:

  1. Tape ends of box shut and glue or tape closed.
  2. Draw a large mouth on the front of your box, then cut out with scissors.  If you poke a hole in the center area of the mouth first, you can then make an x cut and cutting around the mouth outline will be easier and cleaner.
  3. Cut out a double "eye" section from the egg container, leaving a little tab between the two where you will attach the eyes to the box.
  4. Paint the eyes white and when dry, add black areas of eyes, using the marker.
  5. Paint the box and let dry.
  6. Make teeth, upper and lower sets, to fit your mouth.  Glue in place from the inside.

Happy Halloween from the ZiggityZoom staff.

Sharon Pierce McCullough