DIY Pennant Name Banner Project


DIY name pennant

Most kids, both boys and girls, love personalizing their room to make it "their" space.  We love this new project we just did with the kids and it's an easy DIY craft activity as well.  The Name banner can be hung in the bedroom to display on the wall or hang it lopsided on the outside of the bedroom door.  We also will be making these for Birthday party banners to celebrate the birthday kid!

All you really need to make the banners is colorful felt rectangles that you can purchase at the craft store.  Let your child help choose their favorite colors and participate in drawing the triangle shapes.  Let the kids use their imaginations to add snippets of color or shapes to use their own creativity for "their" banner.

colorful felt

What You Need:

  • Colorful Felt Rectangles
  • Cording/String
  • Scissors
  • Iron On Adhesive
  • Cardstock for Pattern

felt pattern

What to Do:

  1. From cardstock, make a triangular, pennant shape that is as long as the felt rectangles. Cut this out to use as a template.
  2. Trace the template pattern onto each piece of felt you will be using.  You can add additional triangles to your banner besides the Letters you will use for the Name.
  3. Cut out each pennant piece.  Then choose the colors of the letters that will go on each triangle.
  4. Draw the letters on felt or cut freehand.  Letters don't need to be perfect.
  5. Attach letters to triangle pennant pieces with iron on adhesive.  Follow the directions that come with the adhesive.  Also attach any other decorative elements at this time.
  6. Now, stitch the triangles to a piece of cord that will be at least 4 feet longer on both sides.  Alternatively, you can cut small slits in the top corners of each triangle and weave the cording through the letter pennants.

DIY name banner


felt craft

Sharon Pierce McCullough