Earth Day Crafts, Activities for Kids- Recycled Crafts, A Lesson in Saving the Planet, and Printables


Earth Day is a great day to teach your kids about the Earth and ways to protect it by participating in an Earth Day Event or planting a Tree or flowers, making a craft out of recycled materials or figuring our ways your family can conserve energy, water or waste. We have many ideas of Craft Projects that use Recycled Materials, Planting Ideas and more. We also have links to great Earth Day information and educational Coloring Books.

Remember, if you miss Earth Day on the 22nd, any day is a great day to do a project that educates and helps to protect the Earth.

Ideas for Earth Day:

Go Clean Up a Nearby Park or Beach

Take a Nature Walk

Plant a Tree or Garden

Learn How to Garden without Harsh Chemicals

Start Recycling

Make a Craft out of Recycled Materials

Make a Family Plan to Save Water and Energy- Make Checklist

Save Water and Energy


Earth Day is celebrated April 22nd.  This is the 38th year the US celebrates the Environment and looks for ways we can help protect our environment and the planet. 

Events are scheduled at parks and schools around the country

Ziggity Zoom Recycled Craft Projects for Kids

Save Plastic Containers and Other Household Items for Future Craft Projects

Easy Ways to Make Your House More Environmentally Friendly, Save Energy and WaterLearn ways to save money, save energy, water and make your house safer for your family and for the Planet and let your kids help you with these ideas.

Make an Egg Shell Garden or Plant a Flower in a Recycled Jar.


Great Coloring Book
Color and Learn about Saving Water, Recycling, Saving Energy, and Keeping the Planet Clean from the EPA.


EPA Kids Earth Day Website
- Learn about Saving Energy, saving Water, Picking Up Trash, Recycling, and Lots of Games, Coloring Sheets and Lessons about Keep our Planet Clean and Preserving it.

 Check Out The history and information about Earth Day at: Earth Day Information