An Easy Family Dinner inspired by a Ploughman's Lunch


Easy Fast Family and Kid-Friendly Dinner- Ploughman's Dinner

Getting dinner on the table fast can often be a challenge between work schedules, school and evening actitivies.  One easy solution I like to use is to create a simple meal inspired by the idea of a Ploughman's lunch.  A Ploughman's lunch (popular in Britain) was what a Ploughman would bring and eat for his lunch, usually consisting of cold items such as, bread, cheese, pickled veggies and more.  Usually in Brittish pubs you will find cheese on the plate and additional items, possibly  meat, fruit or chutney.  What I like is the idea of building a fast dinner to be put onto a board or on a platter that you can offer fresh fruit, fresh or cooked veggies, bread, cheese and anything else your family likes without cooking a whole meal.

Here are some suggestions:

Sandwich Inspired Board- serve Several cold cuts, and cheese, slices of bread, veggies and fresh fruit, pickles and condiments

Salad and Fixings- serve sald, veggies, crumbled cheese, bread, dressing, and cut fruit.  You can also add chopped up egg, chicken, or whatever you have in your fridge from the night before.

Country Inspired Meal-  serve up your family favorites from Britain or Italy that are easy and quick to get on the table without cooking (ex. for Italian- do bread, antipasta platter of meats, cheeses and roasted veggies).

What I love is we get stuck thinking we need to cook a meal but a salad with protein, or a platter of cold food options can be a great, stress-free dinner for two or for your entire family. Get creative but keep it simple.


Above, I served:

  • salad with cranberries, nuts and feta
  • brussel sprouts with maple syrup reduction and crumbled bacon (left over)
  • bread, and  dipping oil and cheese slices and crackers
  • tomato, mozarella, with balsamic salad
  • pickles
  • cut up apples and tangarine segments

What is your favorite fast family meal?