Edible Easter Basket Ideas


peeps in a basket

Easter is early this year and now that St. Patrick's Day has passed, it is time to start thinking spring, bunnies and fun Easter foods.  Our creative food staff has been playing around with some fun food ideas and here we show you some ideas for serving, or displaying, your Easter candies.  These little basket ideas are adorable for using as centerpieces for each place setting at your Eater dinner or brunch.

A super cute idea is to use a ready-made ice cream waffle bowl as your basket.  It's edible and can be filled with any treat your family prefers.  We like the little marshmallow peeps and bunnies and they make a sweet statement of spring.

edible Easter basket

Another idea is to make your own little basket nests by mixing melted white chocolate and a cereal like corn flakes.  Once the chocolate is melted, just stir in the cereal and shpe into a nest.  Let cool properly prior to filling the nests with goodies. 

recipe for edible nests

DIY Easter baskets

For something a bit different, try using creme wafer cookies to make a realistic looking Easter basket.  These turned out so cute and the kids will definitely want to help make them.  Just use melted white chocolate as your "glue" to make a basket base and sides.  Then using three wafers, glue your handle in place.  Let cool thoroughly before handling and filling.

edible easter basket centerpiece

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Easter baskets