Family Game Night


With the recent storm damage from Hurricane Sandy, it might seem like a strange thing to recommend, but playing something as simple as a game with your family can temporarily relieve a little stress.  It also tightens the bond of family and helps kids take their minds off of current situations.  

Besides, with the economic news these days, we are all looking to save money and still have a little fun.  If your family doesn't already have a 'Family Game Night' now is the time to institute this tradition.  Once you have purchased a game, and they're really not expensive anyway, you can have fun for free on an ongoing basis.

Playing games, as a family, is a memory that will last forever.  Choose games that the entire family can enjoy.  If you have toddlers, there are even some games that are made for this age group that the whole family can play and not be bored to tears.  One of our favorites in this category is Zingo, which is a preschool take on Bingo, but actually more fun.

If you have kids in the tween and teen age group, or older, try games like 'Catch Phrase' and, one of our favorites, Up Words.  We, actually, have two Up Words games that we just combined so that we can play even longer.

So, besides 'Movie Night' add "Game Night' to your family activites ... make a little popcorn and let the games begin!