Father's Day Crafts that Kids Can Make and Dads Really Like

With Father's Day fast approaching, kids everywhere will be searching for that perfect gift for dad.  And what can be more perfect than something made from your own child's hands. 

At Ziggity Zoom, our editors have come up with two great, creative gifts that kids can make for dad.  Both projects employ "around the house" materials, so no shopping should be necessary.  Fathers young and old will appreciate the functionality of these gifts.  The first gift for dad, that even preschoolers can make, is a great-looking, rustic pencil holder.  Kids start by gathering small twigs and the only other materials needed are empty cardboard tubes and glue.  www.ziggityzoom.com/activities.php  It's hard to believe that these materials can turn into such a neat gift.  Keep this project in mind also for Christmas gifts, home schooling projects and cub scouts.

The second craft project for dad, found in our activities section here at www.ziggityzoom.com ,along with lots of other fun activities, is a simple frame embellished with copper pennies. This is an attractive frame that any dad will be proud to display on his desk or hang on his wall. Once again, few materials are needed: pennies, small box and glue are the basic materials.  www.ziggityzoom.com/activities.php  So, don't let your kids be at a loss for what to give dad for Father's Day this year. Just let them whip up one of these great kid's craft projects. Combine either of these fantastic gifts with a handmade card and they will be all set for Father's Day, which happens to fall on June 15th this year.