Favorite children's Book Author/ Illustrator


As longtime lovers of children's picture books, we at Ziggity Zoom have to confess to having a favorite author/illustrator from way back in the early 80's. One of us was only in early grade school at the time, but you see how even small children can form attachments, early on, to their favorite books and their authors.

We fell in love with Max & Ruby, characters created in the books written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells. Max & Ruby exemplify the perfect little brother/sister sibling relationship. And even though Max is very young and rarely talks, he gets his point across perfectly. His sister, Ruby, into all her girl stuff, although sometimes slightly miffed by Max's antics, is a loving sister.

Many books have since been written and illustrated by Wells and now there is even a Max & Ruby television show and DVDs that are available. Wells did create many other lovable characters over the years but we still have a great attachment to Max & Ruby. There are many titles to choose from, but here are a few of our favorites.

Favorite Titles by Rosemary Wells

Goodnight Max
Bunny Mail
Bunny Cakes
Noisy Nora
Morris's Disappearing Bag