Fun Shamrock Sandwich Recipe to Make For St. Patrick's Day Treat


Let's have a ShamWich ... our own take on a sandwich for St. Patrick's Day or any other day of the year.  Our Irish friends will surely love this one and the kids will too!

The outer part of the sandwich is created from healthy wraps, that are spinach-based or veggie-based.  Just use a round cookie cutter to 3 inch circles.  Or you can just use a glass, setting the top rim on the wrap and, carefully, cutting around it to get your circles.

The insides of your ShamWich can be most any favorite sandwich ingredient, but here we used slices of cheese, cut into circles, and slices of tomato.  You can choose to serve this cold or heat in the microwave, on a paper towel, for 25 seconds.

Arrange three completed circle sandwiches on a plate and then garnish.

Use a piece of celery for you garnish of the Shamrock stem.  Wallah ... a fun ShamWich to serve on St. Patrick's Day.  And what an easy fun food to serve the kids ... they will even have fun helping to make these.