Fun Things to Do During the Easter Holiday Vacation


Easter break is fast approaching and with many children having an entire week off for Easter now is the time to plan some fun activities.  We don't want to take away from the religious significance of Easter but, as parents, we all know that it is best to have some activities planned when the kids have off for a length of time.

Considering the current economy, trying to find activities that are inexpensive or free are on most parents minds this Easter.  But we all want to have fun and enjoy family time whenever possible. 

We have some fun suggestions that you might want to try this year and maybe even incorporate some of these activities into a new Easter holiday tradition. 

1.  Decorate Eggs to give to the neighbors.  We all usually have little gifts to give neighbors at Christmas, but why not at Easter?  Sharing a little basket of hand-decorated eggs is a great way to spread good cheer.

2.  Plan an Easter play.  Let the kids have an Easter play and they can decide how it plays out.  Maybe it will be a bunny theme or a duck theme or even a religious theme.  Let them pick a convenient time and the family can plan to "attend."

3.  Visit a Petting Zoo.  Most areas have a petting zoo close by and this is a fun time of the year to go see Easter lambs and Easter bunnies.

4.  Have an Easter Parade.  Are their kids in your neighborhood or some cousins that visit at Easter?  Plan a parade that the kids can dress up with fancy hats they make or as a bunny or duck, etc.  Serve some punch and cookies after the parade.

5.  Organize an Easter Egg Hunt.  Kids love to hide and find anything and they especially like to look for eggs hidden in the yard or park.  Use large plastic eggs.  You can just hide the eggs or put  a small piece of candy or treat inside for extra fun.  Let the kids hide and rehide the eggs.