Getting Ready for the Tooth Fairy - Celebrate By Making a ToothFairy Pocket



Kids get so excited when they lose that first tooth.  And let's admit it ... we get sort of excited too when the ToothFairy comes to visit the first time.  It's fun to make a memorable event out of losing a "baby" tooth and if you haven't thought about what you will do, here are some suggestions.

When that first tooth get wiggly, suggest to your child that you want to make a ToothFairy pocket for when the ToothFairy comes to visit.  We have an easy craft activity for making these pockets right here.   You can add some glitter glue to the tooth shape to make it seem even more exciting.

Hmmm ... what should you put into the pocket the night the ToothFairy does come?  We did a little survey and it seems like there is a range between $5 and $1, with some fairies leaving behind $5 for the first tooth, then $2 for each tooth thereafter.  Other fairies liked leaving quarters ... the favorite amount seemed to be $2 worth of quarters.  This is probably perfect and kids love to hear that "jingly" money.

Another great suggestion we got from one mom ... and we had never done this, but we will now ... is to sprinkle a little glitter-type "fairy dust" under the pillow and a tiny bit on the window sill.  Is this magical or what!  We hope you and your children enjoy celebrating this magic event of losing "baby" teeth and getting their first "big" teeth.