Good Citizenship Flash Cards

yhst-89215219199417_2081_28315743 Believe it or not, my husband is concerned that my daughter learn good citizenship and she is only three! I guess it's not too early to begin teaching her how to hold the elevator door open or give up her seat to an elderly person? Hmmm, she is still doing parallel play and can't quite grasp the concept of sharing her favorite Melissa and Doug puzzle. For now my daughter just likes to look at the cute animal illustrations and wants me to read the front and back of the cards to her. As a parent, when do you start to instill values on being a good neighbor and member of the community? Apparently the people at eeBoo think it is a good idea as well. They have created a set of Good Citizenship flash cards illustrated with adorable vintage style animal illustrations to teach kids about responsible community behavior. The set comes with 48 large flash cards with a question on the front and answer on the back, to encourage discussion. On one side is a question and on the flip side is the response on how to behave in a specific situation. For example "When there are chores to do..." and on the flip side it reads, "Cooperate!" The set is for ages 5 and up and comes with two cards with directions for parents. At what age will you begin to teach your kids to be good citizens? Save at Barnes and Noble with coupons from's coupon site.
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