Halloween Witch Pumpkin


pumpkin witch

Try something new this Halloween.  Turn your pumpkin on it's side and turn it into a cute Halloween witch or even a ghostly ghoul.  Just use your creativity to make a fun pumpkin centerpiece for your Halloween party.  You'll be amazed at what you can make by just using scraps of items you already have in the house.

To make the Halloween Witch, you will need:

  • Pumpkin with a stem
  • Striped paper straws
  • Foam or paper for Hands/Feet
  • Eyes
  • Paper for Hat
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Glue

What to Do:

  1. Turn the pumpkin on its side and find the flattest spot so it will stay on its side.  Otherwise, you may have to cut away a thin layer so you have a flat bottom.
  2. Use a marker to place dots where you want the eyes, arms and legs.
  3. Cut straws to desired size, depending on size of your pumpkin, and then make a small hole in the pumpkin where the legs/arms will go.  Use a sharp knife or skewer to make the holes.
  4. Insert straw legs and arms and then cut hands and feet from foam or paper.  Attach legs and arms with glue.
  5. Draw large circle eyes with the marker and then glue either candy eyes or googly eyes in place, with some of the marker drawing showing.
  6. Cut a circle brim for the hat, removing center area so the hat will set on the witch's head.  From construction paper or wrapping paper, make a cone shape and tape together.  Attach the cone to the hat brim.  You can secure the hat with toothpicks at the back side of the hat.

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Sharon Pierce McCullough