Jungle Animals to Make for Kids Party or Play


Animals are always a favorite toy to play with.  Even when kids come to the house to play, the first thing they go for are my collection of rubber jungle animals.  But these would be pricey to get as party favors, so why not make these fun and colorful jungle animals from craft foam.  it's a really easy craft and if you use these for a party craft,  just cut out the shapes before the party, then give each child a baggie with the parts and a marker.  They can make their own animals to take home.

You can also make a whole herd of giraffes, elephants and zebras for fun and creative play.  Kids can pretend themes like safari, zoo or jungle.  And what's even more fun is to make the animals out of all different colors.  Let the kids choose.

zoo animals

Make the Elephant toy.

Make the Giraffe toy.

Make the Zebra toy.