Kids Craft Projects Out of Household Recycled Materials


Here are some great kids' craft projects, and activities that are easy to make, use household materials, and are fun and colorful! If you are not already doing so- you should find a corner in the garage where you keep used plastic bottles, paper towel or TP cardboard cylinders, old pillowcases or fabric and any other neat things that could be considered trash, but are perfect for creative, fun art and craft projects with your kids. Kids love making things so why not collect items they can go through when you are ready to do a project and let their imaginations go wild. In our house my kids often make robots and monsters out of recycled items and glue. Here are a few of our Art and Craft Projects that use Recycled Household Items. We also try and think of things that will encourage kids to move their bodies or allow them to use their imagination or creativity. Use these ideas or make up your own.

 Monkey Bank out of Used Plastic Bottles Make this great bank for kids to keep their change by using recycled parts, stick on foam and paint. Great project that is super cute!
Fun Bowling Set from Recycled Plastic Bottles Get your kids up and moving by making a mini-bowling set out of small plastic bottles. Paint them fun, bright colors and get bowling!!!

Robot X Recycled Robot


Recycled Robot Kids can make this fun Robot from discarded boxes and other items found around the house.

Monster Stompers using Recycled Coffee Containers Every child likes to jump, and stomp their feet. Make these monster stompers or elephant stompers out of recycled containers and after paint and adding the toes and rope- let them stomp away and get out some energy!
Gem Jewelry Box. What Child does not enjoy having a place to put their special things? Make this Cute box Gem Covered for a girl or use outdoor items like rocks for a box for boys. Use buttons, or other household items and a box that would otherwise get thrown away. You can also make a box for a gift or to put a gift inside of it.
Make a Mini Purse. Why buy a purse when you can make one with left over felt and cord? Use fabric you already have and save money and let your kids be proud of making something themselves.
Sock Puppet We love to encourage kids to be imaginative and what better way than with puppets. Instead of buying puppets- find a few old socks and cut our fabric, felt and yarn to decorate a few and transform the socks into puppets your child will love- make a dog, monkey, tiger, princess, pirate or anything else you can thing of.
Twig Pencil or Crayon Holder Are you or your kids into the outdoors? Well make this great pencil or crayon holder for the desk out of recycled and found items. It looks great on a grown-up or kids desk!
Straw Necklace Every Little Girl likes jewelry- so why not use those left over straws to make a fun necklace craft with your kids.
Leap Frog Fun Kids have unlimited energy. So make a game they can play outside or even inside on a cold or rainy day- Leap Frog Fun. Use Foam sheets or If you have old Yoga Mats or Rubber Floor from when your kids were younger you can use that too.
Hula Girl Dress Up out of Recycled Pillowcase Kids love to dress up and play pretend. Rummage throw your closets and find a few old pillowcases. Add a little felt or fabric and make a few cuts and you have an instant costume for your child- what a fun way to recycle something old.
Make a Knight Outfit out of a Recycled Pillowcase Every boy likes to pretend to be a pirate or policeman. Find an old pillowcase and recycle it to make a pillowcase costume for your child. What a great way to rescue a wasted pillowcase that is no longer being used. 2008-2009 Copyright- Ziggity Zoom, LLC Check back often for new Green ideas, recycling and reusing ideas for you, your kids and your family.

Princess Castle Princess Castle

Little girls will love making this fun & inexpensive Princess Castle.  An easy and rewarding preschool craft makes into a fun toy.   Recycle your household items to make this castle.

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Birdhouse or BirdFeeder from Milk Carton Birdhouse or BirdFeeder from Milk Carton

Make a milk carton into a Birdhouse or a BirdFeeder.  The size of the opening will determine if it is suitable for a feeder or house.  This is an easy craft for kids.

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Pirate Castle Pirate Castle

This is an easy & inexpensive Preschool craft activity that boys will love to make.  Just add a few plastic figures for additional fun.

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Make a Milk Carton Boat Make a Milk Carton Boat

These cute boats are a fun and easy summer project even for a group of kids.  The basic materials are a discarded milk carton, straw and napkin. 

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