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The ebook revolution is upon us and it is just getting started.  Once upon a time, not too long ago, books had to be purchased from a book store.  Now access to books is at the fingertips.  At first there seemed to be great resistance to reading on ereaders and tablets but parents and kids have embraced this new technological way to read and enjoy books and stories.

As a children's book author and illustrator, I was first hesitant about digital books.  Now, seeing how many parents and kids are reading more than ever, I am all for it.  Just about a year ago, my first kids ebook was published with Barnes and Noble for the Nook.  Now, I have almost 30 children's book titles for Nook Kids.  Although I have published a few, with our ZiggityZoom publishing division, on both Amazon and iBooks, these books are very hard for parents to find. 

My children's book titles range in theme from Monsters to Princesses.  My all time best-selling kids ebook title is Monster Manners.  It is a simple book, with fun illustrations and cute sound effects.  I am now on my third Monster book, as the Monsters seem to be catching on.

Other fun titles are both educational and fun, including this recent children's ebook title, Dinosaur UP Dinosaur DOWN.  This title features funny dinosaur illustrations and helps kids with the concept of opposites.  This has also bee a popular kids ebook.

Dinosaur book for kids

Most of the books are simple enough for any beginning reader.  The fun of having kids books on an ereader or tablet, such as the iPad, is that kids don't have to carry around a tons of books or choose what to take along, they can just pop their ereader into their backpack when on the go.

One of my most fun titles is about a character named GigglePuss.  He laughs alot as you might have guessed.  Check him out!

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By Sharon Pierce McCullough