Kids iPhone Apps Pick of the Week


Each week we look at many new Kids iPhone Apps to see what is available for kids to learn and play.  Mobile apps are such a great way to supplement learning concepts.  And often kids don't even realize that they are learning while they play.

Two great examples of indirect learning are these two new fun apps for kids.

Ed Emberley's Shake & Make App

Over 100 fun puzzle shapes for kids to "shake and break - and make again".  What a cute concept with the fun creations of Ed Emberley.  See the picture, study its layout, then shake your iPhone or iPod Touch and the pieces will fall to the floor. Kids can race the clock or turn off so little kids can just have fun figuring the puzzle.  Kids can also shake the iphone to make pieces snap into place.  A really fun kids app.  For iPhone and iPad. $1.99


Danger Cats App

A cute physics puzzler revolving around Cats.  For kids 4 and over, player has to help cats get out of precarious places with fun balancing acts. 60 different levels of play so even adult cat lovers will have fun with this app.  For iPhone and iPad.  $.99