Easy DIY Valentine Bag for Your Child's Valentine Cards

Does Your Child need a bag to collect all of his Valentines and Goodies on Valentine's Day for school or a party?  Let the kids help you make this super cute and easy Valentine's Bag in a snap.

•    Paper Bag- Colored or Brown Bag
•    Colored Foam or Construction Paper
•    Scissors
•    Glue Stick
•    Markers
•    Ribbon or String (Approx. 8-12 inches)
•    Hole Punch

<strong>What to Do:</strong>
•    Take the Top of the Bag and fold the 2 corners in to make a point at top
         (while bag is flat and laying down)
•    Now Fold Over the Top of the Bag, to make an envelope-type flap.
•    Cut a  1.5 inch Slit in center of front of bag, to accommodate the Point of the flap and keep bag closed.
        To strengthen this cut, you can attach a piece of foam or paper to the front or inside of bag, making a  slit in this attachment also.
•    Make a Hole with punch on the back side edges of the bag.
•    Thread String through holes on both sides and tie off, removing excess string.
•    Decorate the Bag with foam or paper, attaching pieces with glue stick.