Make Fun 4th of July Craft Projects with Your Kids


It's not too early to start thinking about decorating for the 4th of July.  Are you planning a backyard picnic or barbeque to celebrate the 4th?  Well, here at Ziggity Zoom, we've cooked up two great crafts to do with your kids.  Kids love to be involved with parties and celebrations, so check these out.

Fourth of July-String of Stars Garland Craft for Kids
The first craft project is easy enough for your preschooler to make by themselves but sometimes it's just plain fun if mom or dad is doing the project right along side them.  These are times when you are actually "creating" memories for your children, so don't let these fleeting moments get past you.  This project is made entirely from Red, White & Blue construction paper and yarn or string.  The kids just have to trace and cut Stars and then turn them into an entire String of Stars garland.  This looks great strung in the backyard, making a very festive place to celebrate the 4th of July!  Fourth of July String of Stars Garland Craft of kids-click here

Fourth of July-Uncle Sam Holiday Hat for Kids
Want a stunning centerpiece for the picnic table?  Well, here's one your family can make in no time at all.  The only major piece of material you need is an empty oatmeal container.  This makes into a great Uncle Sam hat.  Fourth of July Uncle Sam Holiday Hat for Kids Craft  Very few materials needed for this project also and it serves double duty if your child just wants to play Uncle Sam.

Fourth of July Patriotic Horse Print
Also, be sure to let your child print out the new Patriotic Horse image to color, in the Coloring section.  And as a special treat, we have posted an image that will only be available during the month of July.  It can be found in the Activities section, under Extras.  This can be printed on Heavyweight printer paper and framed as an art print.  Remember, this will only be available online during the month of July.  Fourth of July Patriotic Horse Print for Kids-Printable

Have a Happy 4th of July ... from the staff at Ziggity Zoom!