Make Valentine Heart Brownies with the Kids


Looking for a fun food to make for Valentine's Day? Something you can make with the Kids? Well, make our easy Valentine brownies, which are also perfect if you have classroom party duty for Valentine's Day.

This is a super easy treat to make from a boxed brownie mix. Add some red cherry licorice strings ... and wallah!

What you need:

Chewy-style Brownie mix (plus eggs/water/oil)

Red Licorice twists

Cookie baking sheet with a lip

Heart-shaped cookie cutter

Mix brownie batter and then spread onto greased cookie sheet. Try to spread evenly. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, but you may have to check sooner, depending on your oven. You want the brownies baked but not dried out.

Let the brownies cool and then remove (slice away) the last three inches of the brownie. This will give you room to maneuver and whoever is helping to make the valentine brownies will be delighted to get first taste!

Using a thin spatula, slide spatula under the area of brownie section you will work on first, just to make sure your brownies won't be sticking to the cookie sheet. Press cookie cutter into loosened area and remove heart-shaped brownie. Continue in this manner until all hearts are done.

Using a toothpick, gently make a hole through the heart and then slide a string of licorice through. Tie and then trim. For other hearts, cut lengths of licorice to form hearts on top of the brownie. Since brownies are soft, you can press the licorice in a little ways. This is a fun treat for kids and adults for Valentine's Day. Experiment with decorating and let us see your finished brownies.