Marble Math Educational iOS App


Who doesn't love marbles?  Marble Math and Marble Math Jr. are two related apps by Artgig Apps.  Combining marble rolling fun and math concepts was a brilliant idea and everyone here at ZiggityZoom loves the apps.  The game designers at Artgig Apps come from a background of educational software development and they have succeeded in creating a fun and engaging learning experience.

We had tested the first version of Marble Math a while ago but now there are some new updates that make this a no-brainer buy for your children to help them learn and reinforce math concepts.  The basic concept is to roll, or drag, your marble around a maze to find the correct answers to a given problem.  Marble Math Jr. is geared to kids in the 5-8 age range, while Marble Math is for kids 9 -12 and up.

Our favorite aspects of Marble Math and Marble Math Jr. are:

  • It is now Multi-Player enabling all the children in the family to play and to set custom profiles.
  • Kids can create their own Avatar, with cute "swipe" and change features. 
  • Skill levels can be customized for each player.
  • You get to choose your own Marble to play the games.
  • There is the Option to play the game by "rolling" the marble by tilting your device or simply "drag" the marble around.
  • For beginning readers, there is the ability to hear the Math problem.
  • Combination of initial "word" problem and "number" problem as the problem is solved.
  • Rewards and Surprises while playing the games.

The kids were especially enamoured with the rolling of the marbles to work the given problems.  Well, actually, I was too.  It is amazing how combining a fun play concept and a learning experience can encourage a child to want to learn.  We highly recommend these two fun Math apps and for only $1.99 each they are quite a bargain.


• shape recognition/matching
• sequencing number values and ordinals
• addition, subtraction and multiplication to 100
• identifying fractions
• adding US coins and notes
• telling time
• completing addition equations


• addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
• adding and sequencing fractions with different denominators
• sequencing roman numerals
• factoring
• sequencing decimals
• adding and subtracting negative integers
• adding US coins and notes
• comparing number values
• simplifying equations

Review by Sharon Pierce McCullough.