Mother-Daughter Team Find Their Niche- Creators of Kids Content Launch New Kids Website-


They’ve worked together continuously for ten years now, the mother working on her art and design, the daughter on her licensing business, promoting the mother. They’ve pitched toy & game companies, tv production studios, manufacturers, anyone who seemed to have interest in art, character or game design. They’ve had some successes, a children’s book series, a boardgame and lots of product. But everything was always in someone else’s control. Last year they changed all that.  They formed a business, Ziggity Zoom LLC, and teamed together with a web designer that the daughter worked with previously and it has all fallen together. All the art, characters, stories and ideas have found their new home at

 A fun, new, Kid-friendly website has just been launched this month. At even preschool children can navigate the site easily. In fact, it was designed so preschoolers and early grade school kids could find their way around the site with large, colorful icons. It’s a fun place where kids can zoom around and meet new characters, read stories, play games and puzzles online and find fun activities to do with parents!


While there are a plethora of kids sites on the net, this site was created and designed to be easy for even a preschooler to be able to navigate through the kid sections without getting frustrated. Even young children that cannot read can get around our website and have fun and feel a sense of accomplishment when completing a coloring page or game. Most of the kid sites out there are not visually appealing to young kids and are not easy for preschoolers and early elementary kids to navigate and find coloring, games, and things to do just for them. Even the top sites are often difficult for kids younger than 7 to navigate and find the right activities for them without getting lost.  Most of those sites have a large, dedicated staff and  millions of dollars behind them. Ziggity Zoom has now tossed their hat in the ring and plans to compete with the big boys.


Kristin Fitch, one of the founders of Ziggity Zoom states, “While there are many kids sites, most include a lot of content that is distracting to preschoolers and it is difficult for young kids to find what they are looking for: easy to do activities, games, coloring and entertaining things to look at that they can figure out. We wanted a very simple, yet colorful site that really is for the kids and easy for preschoolers to navigate. Although we do have a parents section, the parent areas are only accessible through text links and they are not in the main navigation which is mainly for the kids.”


 To encourage creativity and independent thinking, Ziggity Zoom provides online Stories, Coloring, Games and lots of fun Activities. Simple graphics and surprise elements make this a site kids want to come back to often. And it’s a site where parents can interact with their children or feel safe about their kids using alone.


While the site is primarily about Fun, there are many activities that incorporate educational content. These include multi-lingual, English-Spanish, simple vocabulary words and numbers to print and match and simple Spanish books. Beginning readers will benefit from the online stories, which can be read aloud by them or they will be able to listen to the audio while they flip the pages (audio feature being added by the end of May).


Ziggity Zoom is a free site where Kids can print their own stickers, magnets, cards, puzzles, mazes and decals. Kids are also able to make their own toys, including games and a puppet theatre. Parents will want to take advantage of all the free original art to print on transfers for t-shirts, pillowcases, shower curtains and other items.


The Parent Section offers parenting articles on subjects dealing with good nutrition, kids exercise, recycling and protecting our environment. Ongoing columns that will be of special interest are the Ziggity Zoom Top Toy Picks and Preschool Book Picks.


While new activities, stories and games will be added on a continuous basis, there is another section of the site that will be premiering in the near future ... easy preschool-oriented Playworlds. Playworld themes include Mermaid Island, Princess Land, Pirate Island and Knight & Dragon Land. These playworlds will be simple introductions into the virtual world, where kids can move their characters around and play with them online. It is a kind of “magic” that will give the kids another dimension of online play at Ziggity Zoom but without the hassle of registering or the layers of complexity of sites geared towards older school age kids.


  •  The entire site, will also be offered in Spanish by the end of this Summer


Mother, Sharon Pierce McCullough, and daughter, Kristin Fitch, along with web developer, Tim Medlen, have teamed up to offer a new kids website for preschoolers, early elementary school-aged kids and their parents. It is the perfect partnership. A parent, a grandparent and a web developer. The mother-daughter pair have 8 children and 10 grandchildren between them and they are the perfect pair to start a new kids website that is sure to be a top kids destination by the end of 2008. The Ziggity Zoom team experience is diverse and spans the realms of parenting, marketing, illustration, licensing, online, advertising, and web development and design between the three of them. It is this expertise that is allowing them to come onto the kids’ online scene with plans to shake things up. The site is currently in a beta version as they continue to populate the site with more games, playworlds , activities and more parenting articles. The team is currently going through rounds of kid and parent testing and evaluation, getting the most relevant input possible. This input will ensure that Ziggity Zoom provides the easiest possible navigation, best visual layout and fun and relevant activities for kids from 1-8.


The world of Ziggity Zoom is built around the whimsy of Sharon Pierce McCullough’s colorful characters and art. McCullough is author/illustrator of a children’s book series and also a toy & game designer and artist. Creators of kids’ content, Ziggity Zoom LLC, is also involved, on a daily basis, in creating and developing children’s characters, show ideas and toy & game concepts. They currently have plans to launch four other websites this year, including a parenting site and a pet- related site.


Email Kristin Fitch at for more information.