New Year Resolutions for Parent and Kids - What are Yours?



Once again we’re embarking upon a brand new year—and no matter what stage of parenting you’re at; whether you are a first-time mom, intent on picking up our baby each time she cries, or you’ve got kids in grammar school with whom you spend your weeknights knee deep in long division problems, often times, rather than focus on all the wonderful gifts you’ve given your kids, (in some cases, that would be life!) many of us, myself included, spent endless brain power miring in, “I’m not as good a parent as I should be,” guilt.


Let’s face it, none of us are perfect, and a healthy dose of guilt probably keeps us all on our toes- or at least from screaming a lot more than we already do, (I’m personally trying to cut down, really I am! ) And this is precisely what New Year resolutions are designed for; to give us overscheduled, multi-tasking parents a chance at a clean slate, another 365 days to get it right. Or at least each night when we fall breathlessly into bed the sense that we imparted just a bit of kindness and wisdom to our little ones, and are raising productive, highly evolved eco-friendly future citizens of the world!


So what are my resolutions for this New Year; exercise more patience when attempting to stop my four year-old son, from once again digging his finger into his nose , although I’ve continually encouraged him not to pick it, agree to disagree with my eight year-old daughter who refuses to wear her hair in anything but a single floppy ponytail, and of course—do less laundries and dishwasher loads—and live my life with big joy!


Melissa Chapman and her brood of three live in the urban concrete jungle of NYC. In addition to blogging for, she writes for the Staten Island Advance "Kids in the City Column," and contributes to TimeOut NY Kids, She Knows, iVillage, ZiggityZoom and writes a blog called "This Mom Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Wearing Mom Jeans."