New Year's Eve with Your Kids- Fun Family Activities to Do on New Year's Eve


New Year's Eve is a great time to spend with family and friends and create a holiday tradition with your kids.  Make New Year's Eve Party Hats and let your kids decorate them with glitter or stickers. Take brightly Colored Paper and let your kids decorate with glue and glitter or shiny stickers. Then staple them to make a hat. You can add strips of tinsel or thin strips of tissue paper to the top of the hat to make it more festive.
New Year's Eve Noise Makers to Make for Kids Using just a colored piece of construction paper, roll lengthwise. Insert dried beans into center of the roll. Squeeze at each end, about two inches from end, and tie off with string or sparkly yarn. Decorate with Glitters or sparkly stickers. Now you and your Kids will have Noisemakers that aren't 'too' noisy but lots of fun.

Make Easy Finger Foods and Appetizers for Dinner or Evening Snacks

For Dinner Finger Foods try: Chicken Fingers on a Stick A fun and tasty meal or appetizer for kids and adults alike.

Healthy Lettuce Wraps

Take Lettuce Leaves that have been washed and dried and add your favorite mixture to each leaf and serve as a part of a meal or appetizer. One idea is to add rice, beans, and vegetables with a favorite dressing or mexican salad dressing. If you search for recipes for Lettuce Wraps you will find an unlimited number of ideas. Cheese and Risotto Ball or Breaded Chicken Balls


Food on a Stick- Kabobs of Ham and Cheese, or Fruit and Veggie or Pizza Bite Skewers Everything can go on a skewer or be made into a kabob, even things that do not require cooking. You can use Wooden Skewers, Toothpicks, or Straws to thread food onto to make the food kabobs both interesting and tasty. Try: 2 or 3 types of fruit and serve with yogurt dip or Serve a Few different soft veggies with a light Ranch Dip, or Make a Meat and Cheese or Pizza Skewer (Ham, Bread, and Cheese served with Marinara sauce). These are simple, fast and you can use what you already have in your fridge or pantry.

Mini Whole Wheat Pizza Bites These are a kid favorite, both healthy and fun to eat. Take small whole wheat english muffins, pitas, or bagels and spread tomato sauce or marinara onto the bread. Then add a thin layer of lowfat shredded mozarella cheese and top with veggies. Serve with extra marinara sauce.

Mini Egg or Tuna Salad Open Faced Sandwiches with Faces or Patterns Cook eggs as hard boiled eggs, and after they are cooled, peel and chop up the eggs, add light mayo and salt and pepper to taste (or follow your own Egg Salad recipe). Spread Egg Salad into small cutout shaped bread. Then add vegetables and egg slices to garnish, either to make designs or faces (if your kids are helping let them make their own little sandwiches).


For Snacks try:

Popcorn Balls These are fun for a special ocassion and kids love them. These can replace serving any other sweet snacks for kids.

Bread Sticks Wrapped with Prosciutto These are fun, easy and tasty. Both adults and kids enjoy these.

Remember, the part of enjoying an holiday and making lasting memories is to have fun, enjoy the process, focus on spending time with friends or family, and make it easy. Do what you enjoy- games, conversation, a special movie, music, making a special time capsule, or making a scrapbook page, or journal entry.