One & Only Guacamole- A Healthy Recipe by The Sneaky Chef


Makes: About 6 appetizer servings

Nutrition Highlights: Antioxidant Boost, Low Carb, Low Sugar, Vegetarian, Healthy Fats

- 2 ripe avocados

- Juice from 1 lime

- 1/2 teaspoon salt

- 1/4 to 1/2 cup Green Puree (see Make-Ahead Recipe #3)

- Optional extra boost: 1/2 cup chopped red onion, chopped tomatoes, handful of chopped cilantro (or fresh basil), and/or chopped jalapeños, to taste

> Halve the avocados lengthwise, remove the pit, and scoop out the flesh. In a small bowl, combine the avocado with the lime juice, salt, Green Puree, and the optional extras, if using. Blend lightly with a fork. Goes well with Spice Boys Corn Chips (Chili Spice Variation), page 299, or Refried Bean Macho Nachos, page 305.

Sneaky Tip: Cilantro leaves have been found to contain an antibacterial agent that is twice as effective at disintegrating salmonella as the antibiotic gentamicin. The leaves also help detoxify the body, so go ahead and use some in this guac!

Quick Fixes for Store-Bought Guacamole Each of the quick fixes below not only enhances the nutritional profile of already nutrient-dense guacamole, but the hidden veggies add volume without the fat so your guy can eat even more of this popular dip. Be sure to offer it with smart dipping sticks, such as crunchy celery stalks, carrots, bell peppers, or Spice Boys Corn Chips, page 298. You can also mix in two or more of the boosters below, up to a total of about 1/4 cup booster per 1 cup of store-bought guacamole.

Each of the following quick fixes is for 1 cup of guacamole

- 2 to 4 tablespoons Green Puree (see Make-Ahead Recipe #3) Combine the Green Puree with store-bought guacamole, mixing until well blended. - 2 to 4 tablespoons White Bean Puree (see Make-Ahead Recipe #9) Combine the White Bean Puree with store-bought guacamole, mixing until well blended - 1 to 2 tablespoons oat bran Combine the oat bran with store-bought guacamole, mixing until well blended. Because of the added texture, this quick fix will go over better if something crunchy, like chopped red onion, is also added in as a distraction.


Nutritional Content for One & Only Guacamole-

Posted by Kristin Fitch with Permission by The Sneaky Chef