Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Gifts You Can Make for Friends and Family


Do you need to figure out a affordable gift to give to your friends or family members without breaking the bank?  Want something they can use and that you are happy to give them?  We have a handful of easy to make gifts that cost you next to nothing to make and give to loved ones.&


Make a Wine Tasting Party Bag or Wine Placecard Table Settings

Do you have a friend or family member that loves wine?  Well if you are a wine drinker you probably have old corks in a drawer or you could go to a local wine shop and ask if they have used corks you can have.  Take 6-8 wine corks and exacto blade and cut off the a think strip of the length of each of the corks (approximately 1/10 of the cork)-just enough to get the cork to sit flat on the table.  Now cut a thin v shape groove across the length of the top of the corks (just big enough to fit a piece of paper in the groove).  For Wine Placecard Table Settings, put the cut wine corks in a cute box or bag, along with small blank placecards and a nice note about the Placecard Holders.

If you want to give a Wine Tasting Set- put the wine corks, placecards, or square notecards, along with a set of pens and 8 notepads in a lined box or a bag with instructions for hosting a Wine Tasting Party.  Another option is to include 4 wine covers and stencil a number on the cover that go above the label of the wine to hide what type of  wine it is, but most people can vote and comment on each wine, even if they see the label.  RedEnvelop sells a nice Wine Tasting Set but it is $70.00!!!!


Make Wine Charms

Wine Charms are very easy to make and they are very affordable.  You will need to purchase beads and wire rings.

www.beadland.com/wine.htm - $16.00 for 144 Wine charm Rings

www.etsy.com and search wine charm rings - $18.50 for 100 Wine Charm Rings

You will need to purchase the beads online or at a local store but you can probably buy the rings and beads all for under $25.00 and you can make tons of gifts (sets of 6 or 8) for friends and family or for a Holiday Party Favor.




If Baking is more up your alley, why not bake decadent treats for family and friends that they will go crazy for! Seriously, would to rather a wonderful treat or get something you may not even need or want anyways. I'd rather get a wonderful goodie I would never make for myself. Sugary Spice Pecans or Almonds
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