Recipe to Make A Fun Pinto Pony Sandwich


Here at ZiggityZoom, we love creating fun foods, especially our FUNtastic sandwiches.


How sweet is this Pinto Pony?  Little girls and boys will equally appreciate this fun sandwich.  This is another perfect opportunity to do a “Make Your Own Sandwich” party.  You can make the pony’s spots out of contrasting bread or some veggie circles.


For the Pinto Pony:

  • 3 slices bread

  • Celery sticks

  • Radish slice (eye)

  • Yellow pepper

  • Orange pepper

  • Carrot sticks

  • Sandwich filling

Stack two slices of bread and then cut out a large rectangle for the pony body.  Cut the third slice in half and cut out the pony head/neck.  From the top “pony body” section, cut out three small round circles.  You can use a straw with a large opening to cut the circles or another small container with an appropriate sized opening.  Use the straw to cut a corresponding size piece of bread (contrasting) or a veggie for the spots.  Add sandwich filling to pony sandwich and then add the spots.

Arrange on plate.  Add celery sticks for legs and then cut out ears, mane and tail from the peppers.  Cut a thin slice of radish for the eye, making a smaller “eye” from carrot to top this.  Make a tiny nostril from celery.  Garnish with tiny pieces of carrot sticks.



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P.S.  We like to "play with our Food!"

Photography by Michael A. McCullough