Recycling Materials for Future Craft Projects


You can be a great example to your kids and show them what recycling is really all about on a personal level that they can help implement. Start saving items that you might normally discard that can be used for some of the fun projects here on Ziggity Zoom.

Although most of the preschool craft projects here at Ziggity Zoom make use of inexpensive materials, by saving items that you might normally dispose of not only will you be recycling but saving money as well. Save items in a tucker tote or cardboard box marked "craft projects" but always be sure to wash and thoroughly dry any containers or lids that were for food products. These are some of the things to start saving:

Yogurt cups/ lids
Plastic caps
Egg Cartons
Toilet paper tubes
Stray socks
Bottle Caps
Extra straws

To inspire even more creativity, ask your kids if they have any of their own ideas for using some of the collected, recycled materials. Maybe they will want to make a free-form robot, monster or mermaid. Encourage them to do this and praise them for their efforts. Children's art has such a wonderful, naive quality to it. It is actually one of my favorite art forms.

It's amazing what wonderful creations can be made from discarded and saved items. From our activities section you can choose fun things to make, such as a pirate or princess castle from toilet paper tubes, a colorful bowling set from fast-food drink containers, or a cute puppy sock puppet from a stray sock. Be sure to check out the projects in detail and to check back often as new projects will be added regularly and you might find some new materials to start recycling!