Red White and Blue Rockets


Blowing in the wind, these simple-to-make Rockets are a real visual stunner.  It's a fun, summer, family project that the kids can help make.  Once again, we have utilized foam pool noodles that can be purchased from the Dollar Tree Store.  Did we say that we love those pool noodles? We also used vinyl file folders from the Dollar store. Hang the Patriotic Rockets from a tree or gazebo to create a really festive atmosphere.

DIY Rockets ... What You Need:

  • Foam pool noodles, red/blue
  • Ribbon, red, white and blue
  • Vinyl file folders
  • Cord/string
  • Scissors
  • Wood skewer for stringing
  • Stapler
  • Glue, tape, marker, knife

Patriotic DIY project


What to Do:

  1. Cut three lengths of pool noodle to sizes 7.5 inches to 10 inches, varying size and color.  A sharp knife is best for this job and the noodles are easy to cut.
  2. Cut three lengths of string 36" long.
  3. Tape one end of a string to the non-sharp end of your skewer.  Slide skewer into one end of rocket body, about 1.5 inches from the top.
  4. Pull string through so there is equal string on each side.  Repeat for each rocket and set aside.
  5. Make the cone shape for each rocket, from vinyl folder, by cutting a half circle about 3.5 inches x 8 inches.  Find an 8" dinner  plate to trace, or some similar object.  Staple into a cone shape, leaving a tiny hole at top to thread string through.
  6. Thread string of rocket through the cone, then pull one string longer and tie off a knot at the top of the cone.  Trim knot and dab with glue.
  7. Add ribbon to each rocket, wrapping around body of rocket.  Secure by tying top to string underneath the cone top.
  8. Curl red, white and blue ribbon to make streamers and push up inside cone to finish off.


pool noodle project


Sharon Pierce McCullough