Summer Reading for Kids


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As parents, we all hear that dreaded phrase during the summer ... "I'm bored".  Even though we try to plan all sorts of outdoor and indoor fun, it still pops up here and there.  What's a mom or dad to do? Actually, one of the best things you can do is take a few runs to the library or bookstore with the kids.  Let them choose books that appeal to them so when there is "nothing to do" they can pop into a corner and read a great adventure suited just to them.

Some kids are avid readers but others act like it is a disease to avoid.  How can you overcome that?  Some children have a hard time reading ... they struggle through every page.  Sometimes the best solution is to intersperse reading times when you, as the parent or caregiver, read an entralling story to them.  This can be done chapter by chapter, so it will be something they look forward to.

Obviously, the goal here is to get your kids reading, and enjoying it, all by themselves.  You are wanting it to be a solution they choose by themselves, knowing that an adventure awaits them.  Often times children, and even grown adults, don't realize that reading a book is like going off to the movies by oneself.  It doesn't hurt to mention this once in a while or to talk up a book.  Although you might love the classics, your kids might enjoy a kids mystery like the Goosebumps series or a silly, funny book series like The Wimpy Kid.  Don't rule anything out ... out least they will be reading, which can only help their skill of reading.

Remember that the age range is just a guide.  Some 6 year olds are really good readers and can pick up a book more suited to an 8 year old skill level, but just make sure the reading material corresponds with the type of book you want your child reading, no matter how old they are.  This list is only a starter list ... there are so many good books to choose from.  If you have questions, a good person to ask is your local librarian.

Some fun reads for kids this summer:

Charlotte's Web   Age 7+

ramona quimby

Romona Quimby series   Age 7+

Junie B. Jones   Age 7+  (series)

diary of wimpy kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid   Age 7+  (series)

captain underpants

Adventures of Captain Underpants  Age 7+  (series)

Nancy Drew mysteries  Age 7+

Hardy Boys mysteries  Age 7+


For more kids book suggestions, with synopsis and appropriate age level reading, check out this section on Common Sense Media.


Sharon Pierce McCullough