Take A Walk On the Wild Side



Sometimes it's so easy to overlook some of the best nature has to offer, especially when it's in your own local area.  Most areas around our country are brimming with wonders of nature, be it a city park, national campground or even a lake or river area.  Family fun can be had within a short drive for most of us.

I know our family loves to hike, kayak and picnic whenever we can and the kids love exploring in the great outdoors.  It's the perfect opportunity for casual lessons in nature, learning about rock formations, trees and bodies of water and their inhabitants.

Check out your area for geo-caching, a fun experience for the whole family.  Another way to experience outdoor fun is to create a scavenger hunt for things that can be found in the woods or fields.  Rocks, flowers, twigs and spotting animals in your area.  Now that the weather is turning nice, it's the perfect time for a walk on the wild side!